November 16, 2010

The Fed Ex Story In Webisodes

Fed Ex is not the first company to make a produce a series of videos specifically for the Web. The four video series released last week is called “Fed Ex Behind the Scenes.” The premise follows an actor preparing for his role as a courier in an upcoming Fed Ex commercial.

Fed Ex could have produced something like an hour long documentary to show the inner workings of its shipping operation. But by dividing it into small pieces and building a tale around the actor, Fed Ex is able to make its story more entertaining. Incorporating some humor into the videos certainly helps increase the “watch-ability” factor.

Some of the comments on Fed Ex’s YouTube channel attack the company for creating a reality series that is nothing more than a commercial. Personally, I don’t think Fed Ex is trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

The webisodes are designed to detail two things: the advanced technology of Fed Ex’s business and the quality of Fed Ex’s people. There’s little doubt the company wants you to remember both of those things the next time you need to ship a package.

Check out the trailer for the series above.

What impression does it give you of Fed Ex?

Does the trailer make you want to see the whole story?

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