November 17, 2010

Business Video of the Week: Xerox, Speed and Ducati

Each week the team at Point Across Media will feature a business video that excels in the art of visual storytelling. This week we tip our hat to the folks at Xerox. As part of its “Ready for Real Business” marketing campaign, Xerox produced video case studies on some of its customers.

Out For Speed

The video showcasing Xerox’s relationship with Ducati is exceptionally well done. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is known for building high performance machines that go really fast. Xerox plays up the speed element while highlighting how it improves the efficiency of Ducati’s business.

Telling a Story

While the Xerox-Ducati video is entertaining, what makes it effective is that it tells a powerful story in only two minutes. Xerox’s solutions to the business challenges faced by Ducati are prominently featured in the video.

Congratulations to Xerox, winner of our Business Video of the Week Award for this week. We look forward to bringing you more examples of companies who take video to a higher level.

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