November 19, 2010

Chevy Bets on Spaceship

Here’s a multiple choice quiz. Is the Chevy Spaceship:

     a) GM’s attempt to let people drive to the moon

     b) The newest vehicle Chevrolet is building for NASA

     c) The name given to a video promoting clean energy efforts by Chevrolet

If you chose c), you are correct. While it may sound like the least likely of the three choices, one of the videos in Chevy’s brand new clean energy campaign is called Spaceship.

Chevy is trying to appeal to consumers with a message that the automaker is working to improve the environment. That is not the easiest sell when most of the products you make pollute the atmosphere.

A few days ago, we wrote about using the element of surprise in your company story. Chevy offers surprise in this video by announcing an investment into clean energy and tree-planting projects for every car sold.

General Motors is looking to turn around public opinion after last year’s government bailout to keep the company afloat. Do you think this campaign help to do that?

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