November 22, 2010

Stories Are Gifts to Starbucks

When I walked into my local Starbucks for a morning latte the other day, I was greeted by three simple words on the front door: Stories Are Gifts. Since storytelling is the main focus of our business at Point Across Media, I was curious to see how stories fit in at Starbucks.

“Stories Are Gifts” is the slogan for Starbucks’ holiday marketing campaign. The company is giving customers the opportunity to share their own stories on the Starbucks website or Facebook fan page.

The most visible symbol of the holidays at Starbucks is the red drink cup. Daniele Monti, the director of the creative design team at Starbucks, wrote on the company’s Ideas in Action blog about how stories fit into the look of this season’s red holiday cups.

“This year, we were inspired by the idea of people sharing their own stories and experiences to create the holidays at Starbucks. We used deco-inspired illustrations to create scenes that are open to the interpretation of the viewer – playful interactions between a cast of characters. The idea is to let people fill in the blank and make it their own story. And through all of our shared stories, the holiday spirit is brought to life.”

“Make it their own story” fits right into Starbucks’ success formula. The company is out to make each visit and each cup of coffee a personal experience.

All businesses can take a page from Starbucks. Think about the story your customers would write about their experience with you. Then don’t be afraid to include those unique stories in your own marketing efforts.

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