August 5, 2010

6 Ways to Maximize Your Video ROI

You have decided that a professional video would be a good tool to help market your company. What should you do with the video to make the investment payoff?

1. Your Own Website: The first step should be to place your video front and center on your company website. This may seem very obvious, but you would be surprised how many organizations fail to take advantage of their video “asset” by burying it deep in their website or hiding the video link somewhere on the menu bar. There are studies that show the average visitor will only spend 15 seconds on a website. With video, the length of visits increases dramatically. People will watch your story, especially if it is engaging. But not if you make them work to find it.

2. Social Media: Your video is a great way to highlight your message on your company’s Facebook fan page or YouTube channel. It is simple to pass along the link to your video on Twitter. You can add video to your company’s page on LinkedIn. Best of all, using social media distribution outlets doesn’t cost you a dime.

3. E-mail Newsletter: What do you do with all of those e-mail addresses you collect from current and prospective customers? An e-mail newsletter is a simple approach to reinforce your brand and feature new products or services. A visual video link in your newsletter like the one below will encourage your customers to click through and invest the time to watch your story.

Example of link to your video

4. Internal Communication: A short video is a compelling means to make sure your team is aware of your latest marketing campaign. Video can also be used to build team spirit by reminding everyone what the company is all about or by hearing what your current customers like best about you.

5. Recruiting: Video lets you put your best foot forward to prospective employees and showcase the corporate culture of your organization.

6. Trade Shows: Video at your booth or display allows you to capture the attention of trade show guests. You can also hand out DVDs of your video as part of your sales collateral.

The possibilities with video are almost endless. We live in a visual age. Video should be a part of every company’s marketing strategy.

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