August 10, 2010

How Customer-centric Video Works

It’s a simple set-up for a successful business: Someone has a problem. You come up with a solution to the problem. You tell other people with the same problem how you helped the first guy. And now everyone wants to hire you to help them.

You might say the key to this story is the solution itself. But any good marketer knows what really makes the business grow is the part where you publicize your solution.

There’s nothing original about using your company’s success stories to generate more business. Testimonials or references from your best customers are powerful tools to give you credibility. Many companies include testimonials on their website and in printed sales collateral. Instead of just putting them in writing, video is the perfect medium to take testimonials to another level.

In testimonial videos, your customers tell the real story of how they benefit from your product or service. Their words are authentic. Best of all, potential customers gain confidence in you by hearing from existing customers.

Video testimonials are effective marketing agents for small and large businesses. Cisco provides a good example with a series of online videos centered on its customers. This one features the Baylor College of Medicine employing Cisco solutions to provide a secure network.

There’s another reason to use video testimonials that may surprise you. The customer you ask to be in your video is often flattered to be chosen. It makes them look good and strengthens your relationship.

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