September 24, 2015

Video and the Content Conversation in Healthcare Marketing

When I talk with hospital marketing directors and managers, a lot of conversation steers around the word “content.” How can we create content, how do we place our content, etc. Since we specialize in producing visual content for healthcare companies, the “content conversation” is right up our alley.

Content marketing is all about providing the consumer with something they want or need. Stephen Moegling of Franklin Street wrote a detailed summary on the role of content marketing in healthcare. Read it here.

Video is the perfect solution for a hospital or physician group looking for content. It is unique. It belongs to you. It is engaging. It is memorable. But it has to be done right to be effective.

Here is a typical scenario. A consumer is trying to find a new primary care physician. After checking what is covered by their insurance plan, they end up on the “Find A Doctor” page of a local hospital or clinic website. There they see a list of potential physicians. Click on one and up comes the physician’s photo, resume and contact. Now the consumer is expected to use that limited information to select the medical professional who will treat them.

There are some hospitals that have realized adding video to a physician’s website profile can help prospective patients make a choice. Instead of the still photo, the consumer can hear from the physician and see the physician interact with other patients in a video. Video allows the consumer to make a more informed choice.

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