January 1, 2012

The One Word I Hope Disappears in 2012

As a new year begins, many people think about all of the things they will do differently now that the calendar has changed. Most of us are hopeful that some things will be different. Our bad habits will go away. Bad news around the world will be replaced by good news.

I have a simple wish for 2012. That one four-letter word disappears from our vocabulary. It’s a word I heard all too often in the last year: FAIL.

Why should we quit using “fail?” Because the word fail has turned into adjective to describe bad ideas. Even worse, many people use the term “epic fail” when they don’t like something a company does. Facebook and Twitter are popular outlets for “epic fail.”

Problem is in order to fail, you have to try. So one way to avoid failure is never try. Which means sticking with the status quo..the safe route.

The best ideas come from thinking big and trying something different. Will every new idea be a home run? Of course not. While it is important to acknowledge when things don’t work, it would be nice to see the word “fail” disappear in 2012.

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