November 29, 2010

Online Video Brightens the Philips Arctic Experiment

For 4 months every year, the town of Longyearbyen, Norway is covered in darkness. No sunshine from October to February. So when Philips wanted to test the effects of its Wake-up Light, the people of Longyearbyen seemed like a natural choice. Philips says the light is designed to simulate sunrise and prepare the body for a gentle wake up.

Philips gave the town’s residents Wake-up Lights as part of a campaign called “Wake up the Town.” The people of Longyearbyen are trying out the lights for 40 days and sharing their experiences online and on a Facebook fan page.

The residents’ comments on Facebook are interesting, even though some of them are in Norwegian. What takes this campaign to a different level is video. Philips is doing a series of videos about the Wake-up Lights experiment in Longyearbyen. The first one recently went up on YouTube.

Philips teamed with documentary producer Doug Pray to make the videos. Pray’s videos allow us to get inside the lives of the people who live in this unique place that is only 600 miles away from the North Pole. We get to see if the Wake-up Light makes a difference through the eyes of people who are used to living in the dark. Without video, that’s all left to the imagination.

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