October 12, 2010

Including Passion in Your Video Message

Nothing is more painful than watching an uncomfortable business executive shoot a video while sitting behind a desk. You’ve seen them…the message is usually an attempt to rally the troops or win over customers. It usually proves that not every CEO should be on camera.

Take away the camera and he or she could probably talk about the business smoothly for hours. The passion a leader has for a business should come across in a video. It doesn’t matter if it is about widgets or gardening. If you are passionate about a topic, the passion must be visible.

Why is passion so important? Because passion makes your words authentic and believable. Even if you choose not to appear on camera, incorporating your passion into a video takes your message to another level. The enthusiasm you have for your product or service should be evident in your story.

Don’t miss the opportunity to display your passion front and center when visitors come to your company’s website. The best way to do it is with a video that tells your unique story. Incorporating your passion into a storytelling video is our specialty at Point Across Media. Let us help you bring your passion to life.

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