October 8, 2010

Disney’s Marketing Plan Captures Memories

Disney is taking a new approach to attracting visitors to Disneyland or Disney World. Well-produced commercials with actors are out. Real families are in.

“Let the Memories Begin” is the slogan for the new marketing campaign for Disney Parks. It’s built around the experiences of Disney guests, who can share home videos and pictures on YouTube and a special website designed for the campaign.

The opening video to launch “Memories” features a collection of footage with kids learning they are going to Disneyland or Disney World.

There’s a lot going on here to tug at your heartstrings. The home video, the music and the soothing voiceover all tie together to make an emotional connection. We can easily imagine our own families in this video.

Even without amusement parks and happy kids, we can all take something away from what Disney is trying to do. First and foremost, Disney is telling a story. Successful marketing is about telling your story.

Do you know what your story looks like?

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