July 19, 2010

Boeing's Storytelling Moment

Farnborough is going to be a good opportunity to tell our story.”

Jim Albaugh, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Chief Executive to the Seattle Times, July 18, 2010

Boeing is presenting its new 787 Dreamliner airplane at the world’s largest air show in Farnborough, England this week. This is a unique chance for Boeing to shift focus away from all of the 787’s production problems.

You may not have a 180 million dollar airplane to sell like Boeing, but you do have a story. Maybe it’s one you tell to your customers face to face. Maybe it’s one you share internally with your employees. Good storytelling inspires people and leads them to action.

It is important to think about the story you tell when you are not in the room. If your website is filled with stock pictures and text, you are missing a golden opportunity to engage visitors by telling your story through video. When we create video for our clients, we pay special attention to the lasting impression someone has after they watch the video.

Boeing flew the 787 to England for the same reasons: to tell their story and leave a memorable impression. Boeing is out to show us all how good storytelling is good business.

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