January 12, 2011

Video Became The Building Block for LEGO

Last year, LEGO started an innovative campaign to boost sales of its famous children’s toys. The idea behind the CL!CK campaign is to celebrate the moment a great idea comes together..or clicks.

The San Francisco ad agency Pereira & O’Dell developed the campaign. It created an online CL!CK Factory to share ideas, built a LEGO photo iPhone app and even started the LEGO Click Awards for kids. CL!CK started with a three minute video. Video became the building block for LEGO.

The first CL!CK video told the story of an inventor searching for a big idea. It was a YouTube sensation with more than a million views in 2010. Now LEGO has a new video where the inventor takes his creations to another level.

(If you can't see the video, click here.)

CL!CK is a great example of what can happen when you tell a great story. And there’s no better medium than video to inspire, entertain and inform. Video can make your ideas click with your customers.

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