January 26, 2011

Stories About Local People Sell

When a big story happens anywhere in the world, television newsrooms search for ways to make the story local. “Find someone here who is affected” is the mantra from news directors. Why? Because stories about local people sell.

Recently I was reviewing the marketing efforts of a prospective client in the health care industry. This particular group of doctors specializes in a complicated medical procedure. On its website, there is a link to videos that show how the procedure works. While they feature well-produced animation, the videos are very generic in nature. For some potential patients, the videos may be helpful. Will they bring new customers in the door? Not likely.

What is missing from the procedure videos are the local doctors, the very people who would perform the procedure on you. Video provides a golden opportunity for the doctors to make a powerful first impression on patients. Video lets us experience a doctor’s passion for medicine. Video provides a way to reassure prospective patients and make them more comfortable with their treatment. Video also gives us a chance to hear testimonials from satisfied customers.

The key is to avoid getting overwhelmed by the technology, the procedure or the product. Health care is just one example of an industry where video can help drive more business. Stories about real people make great video, especially real local people.

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